Aurora Hex Press Kit

Basic Info

Developer: Final Game Studio
Twitter: @finalgamestudio
Developer Website:
Aurora Hex Website:
Release Date: June 2019

Press Contact

Daniel O'Byrne

Localised Names

English : Aurora Hex - Pattern Puzzles
Français : Aurora Hex – Énigmes en motifs
Español : Aurora Hex : Puzles de patrones
Deutsch : Aurora Hex – Musterpuzzles
Italiano : Aurora Hex : puzzle colorati
Português : Aurora Hex – Cores e Padrões
Pусский : Aurora Hex — игра с узорами
日本語 : Aurora Hex – 色彩パズル
한국어 : Aurora Hex – 패턴 퍼즐
简体中文 : Aurora Hex - 花样拼图
繁體中文 : Aurora Hex :花紋拼圖
Türkçe : Aurora Hex – Motif Yapbozları
Dansk : Aurora Hex – mønsterpuslespil
Svenska : Aurora Hex – Mönsterpussel

About the game


Aurora Hex is a relaxing and peaceful puzzle game, where you link matching pieces together to discover beautiful hidden patterns. Its a spiritual successor to the 2017 puzzle game AuroraBound, and feature thousands of new puzzles, a new puzzle piece shape dynamic ( hexes instead of squares ), updated controls, improved visuals and better performance, achievements and a new 'Daily Puzzle' feature. As with AuroraBound, Aurora Hex features very intuitive controls and a gradual difficulty curve that allows it to be enjoyed by almost anyone. There is also an intelligent hint system that players can use to get back on the right track if they become stuck

Aurora Hex features thousands of hand made puzzles, which are supplemented by a seamless level generation system that enables players to continue playing through new puzzles and worlds indefinitely. Every world has its own color palette and collection of patterns, so players are always discovering new combinations.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Easy for anyone to pick up and play
  • 1000s of unique puzzles to explore
  • A beautiful and serene visual style
  • Gradual difficulty curve for a satisfying experience
  • Hint system to help you out if you get stuck
  • Translated into 16 languages

About the company

Final Game Studio is a one person game development studio based in Dublin, Ireland. It was formed in 2017 by Daniel O'Byrne and released its first game, AuroraBound that year. Final Game Studio's focus is on developing and releasing fun and highly polished games in a wide variety of genres

Daniel O'Byrne is an Irish game developer who started working at StoryToys in 2011. While there he developed over a dozen critically well received Children's Apps, including 'Power Rangers Dino Charge Rumble', 'Batman Unlimited - Gotham City’s Most Wanted' and 'Planes 2: Fire & Rescue'.



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Animated Gifs

Aurora Hex short animated gif A

Aurora Hex short animated gif B

Aurora Hex square animated gif

Aurora Hex looping animated gif


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